I did a bunch of illustrations for my project website


In spring 2020 I created a social media channel called "Working In Slippers" that was meant to help people in times of social isolation. (I felt encouraged to share some insights or tricks about staying at home because this is how I personally get most creative. During my work on "Facing The Sky" (video) I've also gained a lot of home-office experience.)



For Festix and bars, Mettendorf TG, Switzerland

personalized Illustrations for a wedding

Menu board design for SHTATTO in Marrakech, Morocco

(I was only there to eat a salad and enjoy the view first, but then life happened and I ended up creating the Menu boards for them and a local hairdresser)


10 different postcard designs for every occasion. 

Handmade and printed on premium quality paper.


You can also find them in my SUPER SHOP


They have already been sold in those wonderful shops:


Ars Longa, Zurich (
Einzelstück, Zurich

Cinnober Shop, Copenhagen (
Klappentext, Weinfelden

Dottis Vintage, Zurich (

Casa Amabile, Sulgen (