Cardboard city and set design that I started building for a
stop motion project I wanted to do (postponed) | 2021






The 'Weltrettungs-Maschine" ('Save The World'-Machine) is something like a small photo-box. It's built out of cardboard and people can sit inside to enjoy a performance of light, sound and visual stimuli.

Visitors can discover lots of buttons and weird graphics to influence the performance process.


Basically I want to open eyes and show how many special skills each and everyone of us has - skills which can make the world a better place somehow. To make sure we never forget that, the machine creates hero-identity-cards with a special kind of portraits inside.


I got the idea after i finally fulfilled a childhood dream of mine and bought a piano. Well, I ordered it online. So, on day x when my piano stood there in it's huge box, I aged back ten years and played with that cardboard for a few a while (and with my piano too. afterwards.) I simply couldn't  throw it away, so I thought to myself that there must be something to do with it. I wanted to share the pure joy, that I had, with other people and started to experiment with different effects (acoustic and visual ones). So little by little the machine started to look like it does now.

These are some of the reactions inside the box during the performance. (at Tonimärt 2017, ZHdK Zurich)

project moon child

For the brilliant photographer Dave Honegger I've crafted a huge moon for one of his shootings. It was out of this world! (Literally.)

Project info: Creative Director/Photographer: Dave Honegger; Make-up: Jessica Krenn; Outfits: Kimberly Hagen; Smoke and Volcano: Janosch Bär; Models: Ladina Lilian und Dami Jang


This machine generates an image of your TRUE LOVE. At the end of the installation you'll find yourself standing in front of a mirror. Self-love. Let's not forget about that. :) It's not always easy but always possible. 

I built this one for the shop window of the wonderful Bootmakers Workshop in Wincanton, UK. Occasion: Valentine's day. 

Cardboard Hero project (For Photobus)

Production design

For a moment I had the pleasure to paint and model artificial rocks at Bürgin Creations.
And the job did indeed... you know... rock!

Photo: Dave Honegger